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healthlimitedHealthIn Limited is an enterprise integrated research, development, production and marketing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and fine chemicals (includingintermediates), that engaged in sport and healthcare nutrition industry.


Founded in December 2009, HIL is a young and dynamic company, which has achieved success through a dedicated focus on providing quality ingredients and superior service. We not only focused on and committed to working with leading manufacturers and research institutions to establish a long-term partnership, and also has a group of R&D engineers with high education, rich experiences and dynamic, to secure our products quality and expend the international market.

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Best Dietary Supplements Nootropics for Studying

When finals comes around, you need to be at your best. But even if you eat right, get your rest, and take detailed notes, it still might not be enough. Whether you’re writing papers, prepping for exams, or actually taking the test, any advantage in cognitive ability could be the edge you need to stay at the top of the class. Nootropics including dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and “smart drugs” can give you this safe, effective boost. Find out the best nootropics for studying–and stroll into that lecture hall with confidence.

Best Dietary Supplements Nootropics for Studying


How do you study? Most people set out to hit the books for a few hours and spend half the time–or more–checking their phone, surfing the internet, chatting with friends, sipping coffee, or tracking down snacks. This can turn a three or four hour study session into a scatterbrained half hour of skimming your notes. Needless to say, this kind of studying isn’t going to get you the grade you need. Lucky for you, nootropics are here to help. By providing your brain the nutrients it needs, these smart drugs and nutraceuticals can help you focus, overcome mental fatigue, and boost your short-term memory–essential components of a great study session.

**Best Nootropics for studying

**Not all nootropics are created equal. If you’re looking for the best nootropics for studying, you’ll want to concentrate on compounds known for increasing focus, enhancing short term memory, and contributing to a sense of wakefulness. Don’t have time to study the nootropics that will help you study? We’ve done the work already:

Noopept: A powerful derivative of the classic racetam family of nootropics, noopept is prescribed in Russia for its nuerorestorative and neuroprotective properties. Users note reduced anxiety, improved memory, and clearer thinking–making it a great choice for test day. Noopept has been deemed safe in clinical trials and may be the single best nootropic for improving focus on the market.

Studying is all about memory, whether it’s a historical date, a part of the anatomy, or simply trying to keep a research paper cohesive. The powerful nootropic has been shown to provide significant improvements to memory and short term recall.

Acetyl-L-carnitine or ALCAR: A compound that already exists in your body, ALCAR improves cognitive ability and reduces fatigue by providing your mitochondria–the engines in your cells–with the ingredients they need. While ALCAR will not keep you up at night, its most notable effect is an improvement in mental and physical energy–just the thing you need to stay focused.

Sunifiram: A synthetic compound with similar effects as piracetams, Sunifiram has several beneficial mechanisms of action including releasing acetylcholine into the brain and activating neurotransmission.

Spark Spray is a unique nootropic product in two ways: First, it stacks some of the most potent and effective nootropics available on the market for unparalleled benefits. Second, Spark Spray takes effect within minutes after you deliver it in a sub-lingual spray. Unlike some nootropic products which can take days or weeks to show improvements, Spark Spray gives you a mental boost in almost immediately. Believe it or not, one little bottle will last you all month.